About Us

Unlock Cancer Care Outreach, Inc.

Unlock Cancer Care Outreach is a group of medical and non-medical specialists who have come together with volunteers  and cancer ambassadors with the zeal to demystify cancer through awareness, education, advanced treatment forms  and encourage better living after cancer treatment.

We were formed in response to the “Call to Action” to combat harm caused by cancer in our communities. The harm caused by Cancer in our underserved and nonconventional groups in our communities due to the lack of educational and awareness reach to vast amount of people to effectively take a proactive role in caner health by early diagnosis of this disease. The organization is comprised of professionals in North America whose passion to the fight against cancer and love of assuming the role of companionship and guide has encouraged them to heed the call to action to “beat cancer and live” Early diagnoses is the key to life in this fight. Several individuals and medical professionals who have found out about this initiative are very excited and keen to be a part of this effort. Our associates are committed to substantial contributions in relation to how we can make an impact on Cancer issues.

The singular objective of this initiative is to help build a model to demystify cancer in addressing the hold back of discussing on cancer-related health issues in some parts of our communities and ultimately to make education, awareness, optimal treatment and care readily accessible. Being a liaison between our health organizations, numerous providers and the non-conventional groups as well as underserved communities to benefit from all available programs and resources is a goal. When people are diagnosed they will not be alone from the beginning to the end of the journey.

Cancer is broad and it takes immense resources to fight the multiple challenges. The ways to combat it are just as extensive. Big enough for everyone organizing for the cause, and the more people are involved the better the chances of success.